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Hold Me Tighter (lyrics) by Pernille Quigg

The chorus of this song is a free translation of an old Danish poem published in 1838. It was my teacher´s favourite poem and it always stuck with me. The poet captured the essence of seizing the day, the verses are further to the same thought.

Hold fastere om mig med dine runde arme
Hold fast imens dit hjerte endnu har blod og varme
Om lidt er vi skilt ad som baerene paa haekken
Om lidt er vi forsvundet som boblerne I baekken.

Emil Aarestrup


chorus: Hold me tighter in your arms so sweet
Hold tight while your heart yet has blood and heat
In a moment we'll be parted like the berries on the tree
In a moment we'll be gone like foam upon the sea.

December darkest the trees are bare
The snow wraps its blanket so sleep who dares
We live in every season every hour every day
We hold each others hands and still we feel afraid.

We grow our roots deep into the earth
With trembling hearts we love and give birth
We give and take each season every hour every day
We hope our seeds will flourish and sing us on our way.

There are stones in the windowsill, driftwood and shells
as we try to capture nature itself
but we can't stop the endless tidal rhythms on the shore
eternal is just the moment, love it all the more.


© Pernille Quigg

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