Pernille Quigg - singer song writer
Inheritance (lyrics) by Pernille Quigg

chorus: I'll pick a rose from your garden
that I may know the scent
among the millions of others
let this my inheritance

He stood at the work bench cutting the keys
he greeted the dawn in golden dust
you brewed the coffee set the bread rising
a moments magic never lost


The mandolin keeps its place on the wall
the strings are now all coated and black
you still hear the notes drift through the house
a sailor's song takes you back


The roses they bloom in wonderful shades
in pastels, purple and dusty pink
the plumtree hangs blue and heavy with fruit
you'll work til the sun sinks


You gather the flowers effortlessly
you seem to have a painter's eye
maternal beloved you've spun us a pearl
it shimmers all on the tide



© Pernille Quigg


1.verse Shenandoah 

Oh, Shenandoah,
I long to see you,
Away you rolling river.
Oh Shenandoah,
I long to see you,
Away, I'm bound away,
'cross the wide Missouri.


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