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Lord Yester (lyrics) by Weir/Williamson

This song, written in the great ballad tradition, sounds older than it is. It was written by George Weir and put to music by Roy Williamson. Williamson explained it as a song that imagines the way in which women would try to come to terms with men presumably lost in battle. They would thus perceive the men as having gone on to fight for some greater cause elsewhere in the world. The song may sound old - the sentiment unfortunately does not

Oh my love has gone to Flodden grey to dance at Branxholm Lea 
And ere the night it turns to day, he will dance no more with me. 
Maybe he’s gone to Israel with freedom’s lance to sell. 
Or maybe he has gone to Bethlehem to find the golden bell.

Oh my love may come another day for golden hours are few 
And like broken dreams that melt away before the dawn is new.
Maybe he’s gone to Byzantine along the lonely trail. 
Or maybe he has gone to Palestine for to find the Holy Grail.

Oh my love may find the golden fleece or wear the martyr’s gown. 
For honour bides by him wha’ fechts beneath the cross and crown. 
Maybe he’s gone with James and John to fish by Galilee. 
Or maybe he has gone with the Fishermen to find his Calvary.


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